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About us

About us

FKDAWORL Is More Than A Brand.

FKDAWORL is a mentality that represents the mindset of those that choose to "win without conforming."

Fashion is a form of expression so FKDAWORL uses fashion as a way to give illustration to what we desire to express.

It's Raw. It's Bold. It's Provocative. It's Belligerent.

And while these characteristics may be frowned upon in most circles, we @FKDAWORL embrace these things as attributes that add value to our character. The value is the self-confidence it inspires.

Some of us have goals and objectives in this life we live while others wander aimlessly through it. Throughout the course of that journey we encounter things AND people in this world that distract, divert, discourage, or try to stand in the way of our progress. They do these things by way of their objections and opposition to whatever it is you are pursuing. When the world becomes a distraction you have to be able AND willing to shut out everything and everyone in order to push forward. FKDAWORL is the mentality that allows you to do so. Because your mission is paramount. And nothing should stand in the way of that.

FKDAWORL encourages you to live free without the bombardment of worldly perceptions and expectations.